I Survived Black Supremacy

Louie Bee
3 min readNov 4, 2017


We are living in a time where people of all races are walking around with signs that say black lives matter. We are made aware of police brutality against blacks. We are supposed to feel sympathy for these supposed injustices facing the black community. Now after saying this, I have to fucking add the disclaimer that No I am not a racist, I want them to do well, I want them to not be killed. The christ sakes I have African blood in me (hello, Puerto Rican). However, that what needs to be talked about is Black's propensity to be violent, and racist towards other minorities.

For most of my life, I have never experienced racism from a white person. Most of the times I was jumped, robbed, and called a spic was from black people. It was almost like since I was neither white nor black it was okay to be demonic. I saw them do it to other Latinos as well. When I went to Park West High School I witnessed a group of black guys tells a couple of Latina girls to speak English. I was punched in the face from behind when I got a perfect score on my Spanish test. Pens and other things were pickpocketed from my back. I knew it was a black person because he showed me the items he took like he accomplished something brave. When I got fed up and prepared to whoop some ass they would all stand up and protect each other. Then I would have to fight 5 people at once.

As an adult, it is no different. Black coworkers act like the Latino doesn't have the same struggle. They loved to screw latinos over on the job. If it was even suspected we do the same we would be accused of being a racist. Blacks will use their children to get out of work. Make Latinos stay longer at work by either coming late or just plain not showing up especially if they know they are screwing over a Latino coworker. It is like we are paying for some indiscretion that we had nothing to do with.

How do Blacks define being racist:

“racism is a system in which a dominant race benefits off the oppression of others whether they want to or not.”

Now How does the dictionary define being a racist:

“a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another”

I trust the Merriam webster's definition before I believe some bullshit that was shitted out for convenience to keep on being a victim, and not be held accountable for their actions.

Almost everything black people say white people do to them in the name of white supremacy has either been done to me or others. The kicker is, someone reading this will accuse me of being a racist. What is even more hilarious is that according to black people's own definition as a non-white passing dark-skinned Latino I CAN’T BE RACIST! Hey, the hypocrisy is strong with the African American Dindu Nuffin. Even with all the roadblocks that blacks have put in front of me, I survive I worked hard and did so without complaint. I just rolled with the punches, kept my head down and, kept my eyes open.



Louie Bee

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